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 Thank You!

We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the following people and companies, without whom the trip would not have been a possibility.

A massive thanks to all of you who personally donated to one of the two charities. We aimed to raise £1000, but with your help we doubled that. Check out the charity page for figures. Without you we wouldn't have been able to go on the rally, and we are amazed at the generosity shown. Rest assured that you have made a difference to those less fortunate than yourselves, both in Africa and Mongolia.

Thanks to Camberley Auto Factors who supplied us with copious spare parts to enable us to fully service the car and travel prepared.

Thanks to who painstakingly ran around at the last minute trying to produce our team t-shirts. And a sterling job they did too! Check out their range of t-shirts, or contact them for personalised t's.

Thanks to Mania 4 Minis who provided us with wheels and tyres along with a number of second hand spares. You showed faith in us where others were not interested.

Thanks to More Tea Vicar who kindly donated us loads of freebie's to help with out fund raising. Most appreciated!

Thanks to all the staff at Haslemere hospital who kindly donated money and cake baking time towards the tea and cakes fundraiser, and of course to the patients and visitors who contributed/bought on the day.

Many thanks to Owles Brothers Construction for a considerable contribution towards our fundraising targets not forgetting the invaluable fuel filter utilised at each and every one of those roadside fuel stops!

Nuff respec to Team My Black Box, with whom we convoyed for most of the rally. Their company, assistance and patience was most appreciated, especially in light of all the problems we had. Thanks guys, and keep MBBR FM rocking. Love the selection, but still not convinced about the shuffle!

Finally a huge thank you to Tom, Stephen and Jenny who put so much into organising the rally. What a crazy idea, yet phenomenal adventure. Best of luck for the future and we hope the event goes from strength to strength!

Thanks for the donations!
Abbie and Jeremy Muir
Alfred Rajaratnam 
Andre Sass
Andy Parry 
Ashish Seperia
Ben Brooks
Ben Carter
Bertrand Ripoche
Bryan Stephenson
Bryn Cowling
Carol West
Carol Winter
Cathy James
Cathy Lamport
Cecilia Thomas
Chris Tingley
Chris Yard
Christine Fowler
Curzon Peier
Darren Surridge
Dave Cartwright
Dave Gibson
David Brim
David Causon
Dawn Fox
Florence Bradley
Frederic Capel
Gareth Looker
Gordon Dingle
Graeme Parker
Greg Striplin
Harry Panton
Henry Man
Hilary Place
Jack Panton
James Beckram
James Snowden
Jean Dingle
Jean-Michel Quint
Jess Wear
Joanna Spooner
Joanne Collinson
Joe McNicholas
John Dean
Jon Andersson
Jonathan Prior
Joyce Palmer
Julian Travis
Julie Cartwright
June Beales
Karen Hatchell
Karen Robinson
Ketul Patel
Kuntesh Shah
Linda Smith
Lorna Chant
Lucy Russell
Maddy Gibbs
Margaret Grimshaw
Margaret McOmish
Marik (Polish Mafia)
Mark Welsh
Marta Ferraro
Mats Bergh
Maureen Fox
Mervyn Brown
Michaela Konietza
Mr. and Mrs. Man
Natalia Perez Fernandez
Nathalie Seager
Nick Winter
Nico Waddrodt
Nicola Gray
Nicola Hobbs
Nicolas Chedaille
Niki Dargue
Nimesh Patel
Nina Kansara
Nina Wells
Noel Rajaratnam
Pam Coley
Pam Kotecha
Pamela Wear
Pat Robinson
Paul Hale
Paul Lympany
Paul Mina
Paul Surguy
Peter Hackman
Peter Moore
Peter Wells
Philippe Vlaemminck
Raf Alamo
Raul Ortiz
Ranee Kadirgamar
Ross Harrison
Ruud Kruijsse
Samantha Roylance
Sarah Harms
Sheila Batchelor
Shirish Gorasia
Simon James
Steve Smith
Steven Smith
Uncle Malcolm
Veronica Harrington
Vivien Grimshaw
Wilfred Roach
Man on the Ferry